I will start off saying this year has not been the easiest for me. (Even that is hard to admit because anyone who knows me is aware that 1. I am a glass is half full kind of person and 2. I don’t like to appear messy). Messy. My life has been messy the last year. Keeping it quiet, just made it messier. 

Through it all, however, God has gently, quietly, lovingly covered me in protection until the time I was ready to understand and accept some hard, difficult truths He was revealing to me. During that time, He was also preparing my heart, my business, my life, my goals to do His work. I have always known One Accord Counseling was His. Out of all the things I have turned over to God and then taken back to micro-manage in my-oh-so-messy way…..One Accord Counseling is not one of them. The day I opened One Accord, I told God it was His and I was only managing it for His purpose. 

In that time, I have been able to work along with the MOST AMAZING THERAPISTS EVER! I am beyond blessed to work with Jennifer, Jani, Debbie, Misti, and Larry. I have seen One Accord Counseling grow and touch so many lives through counseling, relationships and a blending of spiritual, emotional and physical healing. It truly is God’s work. 

I have also been able to go to Haiti twice within a year, provided mental health services, and trained staff on trauma. It would have not been possible without being God’s plan. 

Once the chaos of my life calmed and I refocused my attention to God’s plan for me rather than MY plan for me (His plan is ALWAYS better, BTW!) it became clear that some anchors were lifted—not to leave me aimless (which is how it FELT!) but rather to free me—financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to do His work. 

Through LOTS and LOTS of prayer and conversations and journaling, and yelling in the car………..“SERIOUSLY. I LIKE SHOWERS AND AIR CONDITIONING AND I HATE BUGS AND…YOU CAN’T WANT ME TO GO TO HAITI IN JULY. FOR A MONTH?!?!?!”……I have decided to go to Haiti for a month this summer. J Actually. Let me change that. I feel God wants me to go to Haiti for a month. I agreed with Him (eventually!) 

I debated doing a Go Fund Me Campaign. I know that God will provide 

everything I need---financially for the business, for me personally to cover expenses while I am gone, for my expenses in Haiti and for the needed supplies that I will take with me. However, I also know that Go Fund Me is a great way to get the word out for fundraising and marketing. Giving is also a way that people bless things. 

So, here is what you can do!

  • Share the Blog and the Go Fund Me page. The more shares, the more people we can reach. Donate only if you feel called to do so.
  • I will post an Amazon Wish List for Haiti for play therapy supplies that I will bring with me. More information to come! 
  • If you are local, One Accord Counseling and CG Yoga will partner on some fundraising classes. Specially, we are developing mindfulness and yoga combinations for children. I would love to hear ideas for classes too! 
  • Most importantly, PLEASE PRAY! I truly believe the Holy Spirit can direct us to pray for what is needed. Pray for whatever is on your heart. I also ask for specific prayers for One Accord Counseling and our staff, development of The Play Bridge, all the people I could meet on this trip, guidance, and wisdom.   

Renmen Lavi,